From Eurovision to Spotify’s Top Viral 50 Global Playlist, Italian Rock Band Måneskin Plays On

The four members of Måneskin are no strangers to music competitions. From their fist, a local Roman contest back in 2015, to clinching second place on the Italian X Factor, to their May 2021 win on the world stage at Eurovision, the Italian rock band has spread their sound and gained a following at home and across the globe. 

Since Eurovision, the band has been smashing records globally—going on to number one artist in countries like Italy, Belgium, Greece, Finland, Holland, Sweden, and others, and topping Spotify’s Top Viral 50 chart. The band quickly garnered 500 million streams on Spotify, with 250 million of those from just two tracks. Those two songs are now in Spotify’s global top 10, and Måneskin has become the most-listened-to Italian artist in the world. 

Finally, the band’s track “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE” entered the U.K. singles charts last week, scoring two simultaneous Top 10 singles. The band is even claiming space in NYC on Spotify’s Times Square billboard, moving their guitar riffs and lyrics—with songs in both English and Italian—across the ocean. (And in case you were wondering, “måneskin” means “moonlight” in Danish—chosen by band member Victoria De Angelis in honor of her Danish heritage.)

We asked the band to reflect on all of the group’s accomplishments over the past few months, how they’ve been using Spotify to keep up-to-date on their new fans, and what’s next. 

A few months ago, you were crowned the winners of the Eurovision song contest. Tell us about the experience—from the Sanremo music festival to the final Eurovision performance.

After our victory at Sanremo Festival, we were thrilled to know we got the opportunity to participate at Eurovision, which is a massive music event. It was an incredible experience, because we met so many different people from many different countries. It was so much fun and it was also a healthy environment to be in—we didn’t feel the competition. When we got the chance to perform onstage and play during the final, it was a huge experience for us and it was amazing to finally be able to play in front of an actual audience after two years.

Have you noticed a shift in your audience since then? Where is your music resonating outside of Italy?

We are seeing crazy results and great feedback from so many countries outside of Italy—we didn’t expect all of this! We have now been on a promo tour all around Europe, meeting so many fans in every country we go to, and we are really happy about this. 

How are you using Spotify tools to track and engage with this growing audience?

We are constantly checking Spotify for Artists and Spotify charts to monitor our results. We are noticing that our songs are in so many different country charts on Spotify. At the moment we are the 78th-most-listened-to artists in the world on the platform!

At Eurovision, you declared “Rock never dies!” What opportunities lie ahead for the genre?

We hope that we can prove that rock music doesn’t have to stay underground and can be appreciated by everyone. If a song is good, it will speak louder than its genre. We hope that, from now on, the music industry will be more open-minded about that to allow more artists to express themselves with rock music. For us it’s not about what kind of music you make: If you believe in what you are doing, people will believe in it too.

What’s next for you as a band? 

We don’t know what’s coming up next! We are trying to live step by step, day by day, naturally. We will keep writing and working on new music and see where it will lead us!


Stream Måneskin’s top-streamed song, “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE” below.