Comedian Rachel Feinstein Dishes on the Latest Season of ‘Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith’

Way back in 2018, four best friends decided to start a podcast out of an NYC apartment. The premise? Their hilarious conversations about their lives and the world. It wasn’t just any group of friends, but four acclaimed comedians—Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, Bridget Everett, and Keith Robinson—and thus Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith was born. In the years since, listeners have fallen in love with the show’s gut-busting segments such as “Why is Keith a Bad Person?,” “Was I Wrong?,” and more.

The podcast just premiered for its fifth season, but the jokes and hosts are fresher than ever. Podcast cohost and stand-up comic Rachel Feinstein is plenty busy these days, between preparing for a new baby, moving, and working on a TV pilot, but we had the chance to check in with her over the phone just after the first episode debuted. 

The fifth season of Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith just premiered, with new shows releasing weekly. Who are some guests that listeners can get excited to hear from on this season? What themes did you enjoy covering most?

We had Quentin Tarantino—I couldn’t believe that happened. Tarantino was hysterical and told a wild story about filming that famous shirtless scene with Brad Pitt. Plus Michael Moore, David Byrne, Claudia O’Doherty—she’s a hysterical writer and a comedian. I love when the comics come on the most. This is a fun season because we let it all hang out. We don’t care—anything goes.

My favorite themes were humiliation and origin stories. We all talked about our weird families and how we started stand-up with Ronny Chieng!

Getting nostalgic for a bit, what is one 3 Girls, 1 Keith episode from a previous season that you think everyone needs to hear?

We’ve had some amazing guests in the past. Ashley Graham—I look at her Instagram a really unhealthy amount. And then there she is in front of me! I still can’t believe it. I have a good life.

Jerry Seinfeld in particular was a really interesting interview. He came over to Amy’s apartment and just talked life with us. He talked about his parents—I had no idea his parents were both orphans—how he grew up and started standup, things I never knew about Jerry Seinfeld. He was hilarious. We had a blast with him.

How is performing a live standup different from recording a podcast?

Well, first of all, there’s always a chance of getting something physically thrown at you. I had a soft taco thrown at me once. You’ve really never experienced rejection until you’ve had a soft taco thrown at you.

What was in the taco?

I’m glad you asked. It was ground beef.

I also played at the Hebrew Home for the Aging in the Bronx, and I bombed so bad they were shaking their walkers at me. I didn’t know you could express rejection by shaking a walker. It hurts. There’s no threat of that on podcast, I’ll tell you that.

This new season is hitting at a time when people are largely staying at home. Why should they listen to 3 Girls, 1 Keith to pass the time?

I know that everybody feels like you can only take in so much news. We’re all just trying to do the right thing and stay home and not go completely insane. So, I feel like it has to be a balance between taking in enough information so that you know whether you’re supposed to wipe down cardboard or not, and staying calm and entertained. So after you learn how you’re supposed to wipe it down, turn on the podcast and just laugh, have an escape.

How are you keeping your spirits up? Are there any tricks you’ve learned in your years as a comedian?

I work out with my friend on FaceTime, that helps. And I still try to find an excuse every time. We have a 3:00 FaceTime appointment that I still try to push. I also get on the phone with my comedian friends. Amy and I talk while she walks and that helps.

What are some podcasts you’ve been listening to lately?

Jessica Kirson has a podcast called Relatively Sane that’s about her mental health (or lack thereof), but it’s also really hilarious. I love listening to Jessica’s podcasts. Sam Morrill, Joe Machi, Phil Hanley, and Elizabeth Furiati, who’s the manager at The Cellar, have a podcast called Keeping Joe. And that’s a really funny podcast just about their friendship.

If you could be a guest on any podcast, which would it be?

I love true crime, so probably it’s a true crime podcast, but I really don’t think there’s any reason for them to interview me.

I’ve been a guest on all my comic friends’ podcasts. Podcasts and radio are a big part of our lives as comics. There’s often a podcast associated with whatever comedy club we’re performing at. But 3 Girls is . . . This was the best because it’s just . . . They’re my best friends. It’s what we would want to do anyway. Just hang and talk smack and trash each other and then have celebrities visit Amy’s apartment. It’s a complete dream scenario. I can’t believe we’re getting paid for this.

Stream the latest episode of Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith Season Five below.