Comedian Rhys Darby Answers the Universe’s Most Extra Terrestrial Questions in New Spotify Exclusive Podcast ‘Aliens Like Us’

Do aliens exist? When was the last UFO sighting? What’s really behind Area 51’s gates? Starting today, learn the answers to these puzzling questions on an exclusive new Spotify podcast, Aliens Like Us. Even if you’re left with more questions than you started with, you’ll at least have a good time.

Tune in as highly acclaimed Flight of the Conchords actor, comedian, and host Rhys Darby sits down with friends Buttons and Ethan to unearth the truth behind some of the universe’s biggest mysteries. The new series features actor and comedian Henry Zebrowski (Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, The Last podcast on the Left), physicist and author Brooks Agnew (The Ark of Millions of Years, Holes in Heaven) and more.

Alien nerds and space experts unite for a hilarious investigative podcast series, Aliens Like Us – available exclusively on Spotify starting February 26. We beamed Rhys in to answer a few of our questions about the podcast and its interstellar topics, and just for fun, gave a nod to everyone’s favorite lake-dwelling monster.

Why did you decide to create a podcast on big questions around outer space?

I’ve always had a keen interest in all things paranormal. In recent years the idea that Extra-terrestrial life has been visiting this planet has come to the forefront of my mind. I like the idea that we don’t know everything. It makes sense to me that some shocking truths are yet to be revealed. The US Navy admitting that UAPs are a real thing has been a huge leap forward in squashing the stigma attached to this subject. I hope my humor will help open even more (hanger) doors.

Who are some of the guests you’re looking forward to speaking with?

Ufology experts like Richard Dolan and Nick Pope. Uber experienced paranormal investigators like Linda Moulton Howe and even an ex-US Navy fighter pilot who is our man on the inside. Of course, I have a lot of cool celebrity mates too who have seen stuff and are willing to give testimony—Jack Osbourne and Jim Jeffries, to name but a few. (I do have more mates, though.)

Speaking of experts, what makes you and your co-hosts qualified to speak to the Matters of The Universe?

I’m qualified because I have a child-like sense of wonder and Buttons is a bit of genius with his ideas. Mix us together and we’ll not only take the listener down a path they never expected, we’ll have them laughing in the aisles as well. (Wait, will there be aisles?) Maybe Isles. Our producer Ethan is the sceptic, the voice of reason. Luckily though, he’s pretty funny too—and easily swayed. 

What’s your favorite topic that you’ll be covering on the podcast? 

So many juicy topics in the alien world. Maybe Hidden UFO bases on Earth? 

You’re known by fans for being in a more visual medium, movies. What are you looking forward to from the audio medium of podcasting?

I love the audio format. Always have. That’s why I love doing voice work for animated characters. There’s something so real, natural, and appealing about just hearing the voice. I guess one isn’t distracted by flashy pictures or computer-generated images. Which is easy to do with ufology because there is limited clear real footage. Talking and discussing theories on this type of subject is definitely the best way to go!

Any other podcasts you’re streaming right now?

Stuff on UFOs, you know, and anything with a comedy tone. I’m pleased to announce there really isn’t anything on the airwaves right now that mixes silly comedy with terrifying alien news. Aliens Like Us will be a refreshing listen!!!

Last but not least, what’s your take on Nessie the Loch Ness Monster? 

I’ve been to Loch Ness, Scotland three times and each time I have been out on the Loch in a Nessie hunter boat equipped with sonar. I believe Nessie is a giant eel. Something that resembles an Oarfish. I can attest to the fact that the Loch is a very spooky place. I’ve seen astronomical UFOs there as well. There is definitely a magnetic anomaly surrounding that zone. 

The first episode just landed on Spotify. Stream the exclusive show here.