How Well Do You Know the Spotify Songs of Summer? Take Our Nostalgia Quiz

It’s (finally) getting hot in the northern hemisphere, which means it’s time to start searching for the perfect summer song. Each year, we release our own predictions on which tracks will be the hottest songs of the season. Now we’re also taking a look back at the tracks that ruled summers past. Take our quiz below to find out if you remember all the artists that soundtracked your summertime.

It's getting hot in here.
So take our summer music quiz.



Just in time for those beach or poolside days, we’re also renewing Your Summer Rewind. The personalized playlist is filled with songs you listened to heavily on Spotify during your past steamy, streaming summers. Users in some regions that celebrate summer starting in June* can find their playlist on the Summer Hub and at  

*Including United States, Great Britain, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Canada, France, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria, Japan, and for the very first time Romania and Israel.