Spotify’s 10-Year Journey Elevating Latin Creators

In 2013, Spotify embarked on a transformative journey in most of Latin America’s Spanish-speaking countries, a journey that has since reshaped the rhythm of global music. This tenth anniversary of our presence in the region is not just a landmark in the history of Spotify; it’s also a celebration of how Latin creators—propelled by the power of streaming—have taken the world by storm.

Back then, Spotify’s global Top 100 charts featured no Latin songs. Today the musical landscape is radically different. Latin beats have not only appeared on these charts, but they’ve conquered them, growing at 28% annually on Spotify. More than one out of every five songs in the global Top 100 is Latin—a clear indication of the genre’s rising dominance and widespread appeal.

This era has been marked by the emergence of groundbreaking artists from cultural hotspots like Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Puerto Rico who have topped charts and reshaped the cultural fabric. “The music scene has experienced a revolution in recent years, where Latin rhythms from reggaeton to música Mexicana are dictating the global pulse,” says Mia Nygren, general manager of Spotify in Latin America. “At Spotify, more than simply witnesses to this phenomenon, we have been facilitators; we’ve seen constant and permanent growth of the industry in the last decade. It is an honor to be the bridge that unites these talented artists with global audiences.” 

The impact of Spotify in this Latin music surge is undeniable. It’s been the digital confluence where artists have met fans, resulting in a 986% increase in Latin music listeners on Spotify worldwide from 2014 to 2023.


“I am extremely excited about the future for us in Latin America. We’ve come so far and we have room to grow, but of course that comes with a huge responsibility,” Mia continues. “There is still more talent to be discovered, and we are excited to help them go from local stages to regional to finally the global scene. It’s noteworthy that 21% of all Spotify global users are in Latin America, highlighting the significant impact and potential of this market.”

For the Record also had the opportunity to hear from a few artists who’ve been with Spotify from the beginning of our journey in Latin America. Read on for thoughts from Argentina’s Yami Safdie, Mexico’s Ha*Ash, and Colombia’s TIMO below.

Yami Safdie

How do you think Spotify has played a role in advancing your career?

Spotify is absolutely essential for anyone starting out in the music industry. It’s been a key player in my journey, unlocking opportunities from being featured on playlists to recommendations that introduce my music to potential fans. I’m so thankful for this; I don’t think I could have come this far without Spotify’s platform.

Can you share a story that highlights how Spotify has changed the way you connect with your audience?

I absolutely love checking out the playlists that feature my songs. It’s thrilling to see that a significant portion of my tracks’ streams come from these playlists and the listeners’ own libraries. The creative titles of these playlists are always a highlight for me—they’re just so much fun. I often share these playlists on my social media and have great conversations about them with my friends and family.


How do you think Spotify has played a role in advancing your career?

Spotify has played an essential role in the growth of our career. The playlists and the platform’s wide audience have allowed people who possibly weren’t familiar with our music to now know and enjoy it.

Can you share a specific case or story that highlights how Spotify has changed the way you connect with your audience?

Spotify has democratized music in every sense. Today an artist can create a song at home and freely release it for the whole world to listen to. Similarly, the audience has the freedom to decide whether they like it or not, without any intermediary. It’s democratic for both musicians and audiences alike.


How do you think music streaming has transformed the consumption habits of fans around the world?

We think the most significant impact since Spotify entered our lives is the expanded access it provided to music and artists. Previously there were numerous constraints with the formats available, but streaming has simplified everything. This simplicity has skyrocketed the number of times artists’ music is played. Undoubtedly, the advent of Spotify has transformed our lives.

Can you share a specific case or story that highlights how Spotify has changed the way you connect with your audience?

We leverage features like Canvas for our music promotion. When releasing a new track, we invite our audience to share videos of them singing or enjoying the song. We always select the best ones and include them in our Canvas. This helps us attract more listeners to our music on the platform and fosters a deeper connection with the song.