the band My Ugly Clementine posting in front of the camera in a room

Austria’s My Ugly Clementine Rocks the Indie Scene as Spotify’s EQUAL Global Artist of the Month

Listen to one song from My Ugly Clementine and you might imagine that the ’90s are back. Counting Radiohead as one of its inspirations, the Vienna-based indie outfit is comprised of Sophie Lindinger, Mira Lu Kovacs, and Nastasja Ronck. All three members of the non-male rock band have experienced success in previous musical projects—whether solo, as a duo, or in a band—but their talents collided in 2020 on their debut album, Vitamin C.

Vitamin C was critically acclaimed and earned the trio the 2021 IMPALA Album of the Year Award. Since then, the band has performed across Europe and is readying its next album, The Good Life, due in August.

My Ugly Clementine is also Spotify’s EQUAL Global Artist for June. The EQUAL Global Music Program launched in 2021 with the aim of combating gender disparity in the music industry by amplifying and celebrating the work of women creators around the world. Sophie, Mira, and Nastasja currently adorn the cover of the EQUAL Global playlist, and their new single “Feet Up” is featured in the top spot.

For the Record asked the band to fill in the blanks about its creative process and inspirations.

The artists who have most inspired us are _____.

HAIM, Avril Lavigne, Radiohead, Ani DiFranco, Julia Jacklin, and Courtney Barnett.

One piece of advice we’d give other emerging artists is _____.

Communicate! Communication is key when it comes to working as a team and with a crew. To get anything accomplished, it is absolutely necessary to talk to each other. Without that, we wouldn’t be able to put anything together—a tour, a music video—let alone write songs together.

One notable moment in our career so far is _____.

When we won the IMPALA award in 2021. That meant a lot to us, but it was hard to grasp because we couldn’t celebrate like we wanted to . . . COVID, remember?

Our creative process consists of _____.

Spending time with each other, having deep talks, and trying to make sense of our struggles and insecurities by working through it . . . mostly together. Art is therapy.

One way we’d like to see greater gender equity in the music industry is _____.

By simply booking the big festivals equally. Honestly, we find it embarrassing to see a festival nowadays announcing a lineup with maybe 2% non-cis-male-fronted bands. That still happens a lot and it’s unacceptable, especially because there is impeccable queer and female talent everywhere you look.

A few up-and-coming women and nonbinary artists we’re excited to watch are _____.

Albertine Sarges, Mhaol, Slow Pulp, Squirrel Flower, and Claud.

Songs that make us feel gender euphoria are _____.

There are definitely songs like “Faceshopping” by SOPHIE or “Europe Is Lost” by Kae Tempest that we celebrate! Also, artists who defy gender roles and norms just by existing and being seen are the ones we aspire to and who we want to see on festival lineups much more.


Check out music from My Ugly Clementine, as well as other talented women artists, in our EQUAL playlist below.