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These Are the Most-Listened-to Songs by Women in Argentina This Year

The voices of women are getting louder in Argentina, where the presence of women artists in the country’s Top 50 has grown by 500% over five years. Demand in listenership is similarly up, with music performed by women making up over 20% of music consumption in Argentina—an increase of more than 12% since 2017. This huge development is an encouraging sign of the work Argentinian women artists have put in for fair recognition in their local music scene, and it marks positive change in an industry where many women face challenges to be heard and taken seriously as artists. 

One way Spotify is supporting this continued positive growth is through our EQUAL program, which shines a spotlight on women artists through global partnerships, activations, playlists, and more—all to foster equity for women around the world and celebrate their massive musical contributions. 

In 2022, a wave of talented Argentinian women have continued to raise the volume, with the likes of María Becerra, TINI, Nicki Nicole, and Emilia finding themselves on the list of Argentina’s 10 most-streamed Spotify tracks by women artists:

    1. Sofía Reyes and María Becerra – “Marte
    2. TINI – “La Triple T
    3. Nicki Nicole and Los Ángeles Azules – “Otra Noche
    5. TINI and L-Gante – “Bar
    6. María Becerra – “OJALÁ
    7. Shakira – “Te Felicito
    8. Emilia – “cuatro veinte
    10. TINI  – “Miénteme

“At Spotify we understand the challenges women face in music, and we know that the more opportunities we give them, the more people listen to them,” Mariana Sarramea, Senior Editor for Southern Cone, told For the Record. “We are actively committed to generating cultural impact by narrowing the inequality gap that still persists. Our work is focused not only on projecting established artists outside our borders alongside local and regional teams, but also on creating opportunities for emerging artists and new talents.”

While there’s always more work to be done to ensure that equity within music is fully realized, Spotify will continue to highlight and amplify women’s voices in Argentina and in the rest of the world.

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