The Global, Gen Z–Influenced Rise of Horoscope and Astrology Podcasts on Spotify

Is Mercury in retrograde? What does your star chart say? Throughout history and across cultures, people have looked to the heavens for insights and inspiration to bring back to their daily lives. More recently, horoscopes and astrology found their way into pop culture, and over the past few years, onto the soundscape that is podcasts. 

Back in September 2019, Spotify and Parcast launched Horoscope Today, a daily podcast that gives listeners a personal forecast—one for each of the 12 signs per day, 365 days a year. Since then, the show has been adapted into local languages for listeners in Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, and Germany. (There’s even a feed available in Australia and New Zealand that publishes the U.S.’s episodes a day early to account for the time change.)

In September, Parcast and Spotify brought Horoscope Today, or Tu Horóscopo de Hoy, to listeners in Spain. The first localization of Parcast’s show—meaning it’s not only translated, but also has unique horoscopes and messages for its Spanish audience—was prompted by the success of the original in the U.S. and in Mexico, especially among Gen Z, who are proving to be rabid connoisseurs of horoscopes.

Beyond Horoscope Today is a global landscape of future-focused shows featuring witches or tarot readings or—more simply—groups of friends discussing their star charts, many of which have a Gen Z host, audience, or theme. And while each differs in its approach and style, they offer something similar: a message from the universe. 

Turn up the magic with Witch, Please in Mexico and Colombia

Witch, Please debuted in August as a weekly exclusive Spanish-language Spotify production hosted by the witch, tarot reader, and astrologer Mika Vidente alongside apprentice and friend Fer Aldre. Each Monday, these magical hosts warmly and humorously guide listeners through the astrological climate of the week and the keys to face it with harmony according to tarot, horoscope, or astrological chart. 

For Mika and Fer, being a witch is not just a hobby; it’s a way of life. It centers on being rebellious while accepting there are things we cannot control. They also believe that being a witch requires them to connect with the energy of the universe to better know themselves, discover the magic within them, develop it, and grow to be better people. “The younger generations have innate curiosity and turn to astrology because they have many questions to which they cannot find an answer in a broken physical world,” the duo explained. 

During the podcast, the two also read stories from the audience and give advice using tarot cards. The show mixes humor and practical astrology with basic concepts to help listeners in their daily lives.

Dial in to Central de Astrologia in Brazil

Now ringing up those in Brazil who love advice, horoscopes, and a nostalgic aesthetic: The stars have aligned to bring you the Original Spotify podcast Central de Astrologia, which launched in September. This podcast’s aesthetic is that of a classic telephone shopline from the ’90s: “bringing everything that heaven can offer you each week for the modest price of your attention.” It’s a lighter, almost satirical take on the horoscope. 

With visual and sonic aesthetics reminiscent of the ’90s, Central de Astrologia features internet astrologer Bruna Paludo, otherwise known as Madama Br000na, in discussions about astrology, self-care, and daily life issues. Tune in weekly for informative and funny episodes filled with special guests, audience interaction, current events, and memes. The show evokes the memories of the golden age of teleshopping and icons such as Walter Mercado, who founded the first call center based on astrology, and Susan Miller, who is famous for her accurate and constant advice in magazines and on the internet.

Find horoscopes in France on La Fabuleuse

Horoscopes are becoming so ubiquitous that Gen Z podcasts on other topics will even, at times, dive into the world of astrology. One such example is a recent episode of the first French vodcast, La Fabuleuse. The podcast is hosted by Gen Z influencer and singer Bilal Hassani and his former roommates, who refer to themselves as “the fabulous.” Together, the five young guys break down notions of gender, sexuality, and what it means to be a 20-something in today’s world. 

The episode “L’astrologie, des spoilers sur ta vie?” (or “Astrology: Spoilers for your life?”) is a seamless example of the ubiquity of the subject among Gen Z. The hosts explain the different forms of divination arts and debate whether it is a good idea to want to know your future. Like any good group of friends, they debate the merits behind reading horoscopes and how much stock to put into what they say. 

Mediums, magic, and mysteries in the U.S.

Parcast Studios is known for its riveting true crime, history, and supernatural podcasts. Its new Spotify Original series Mediums fits the bill, combining the history of clairvoyance in the U.S. with its foray into pop culture. And what’s more: Shelby Scott, the host of Scare You to Sleep, is using her soothing voice to terrify once again.  

Though a slight break from horoscopes, fans of the occult are bound to be spooked and shocked by this podcast. If you’ve ever tried to summon a spirit with a Ouija board or found Theresa Caputo on Long Island Medium fascinating, this Spotify Original is for you. Mediums details the history of clairvoyant figures, mostly women, in the United States. In the 19th century, the spiritualism movement grew in popularity and people began to turn to mediums to get answers about what happens after death—but not without consequence. 

Ask the Tarot and you shall receive 

Finally, fans can get live horoscope advice every Thursday at 9 PM ET on Spotify Greenroom’s Ask the Tarot. Each week, Michelle Tea, award-winning writer and host of the Your Magic podcast, will solicit listeners’ life problems and read tarot for them to help navigate their life choices and divine meaning from the magic of life’s mysteries. Whether or not your card is drawn, listeners are in for a thrilling time.


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