5 Reasons to Check Out ‘Balada Onggok Si Anak Durhaka,’ The Latest Spotify Original Podcast by PODKESMAS

The PODKESMAS Asia Network is the most listened to podcast network in Indonesia with over 100 million streams. Listeners love shows such as Podcast Pemain Cadangan, GJLS Entertainment, Zozolab Podcast, and Podcast Malam Kliwon. And now, there’s even more to love, as the first episode of PODKESMAS’s new Spotify Original podcast Balada Onggok Si Anak Durhaka becomes available exclusively on Spotify.

The iconic quartet of comedians Ananda Omesh, Angga ‘Nggok’, Imam Darto, and Surya ‘Insomnia’ Dini, who will serve as hosts, shared five reasons why listeners should not miss even a single episode.

1. Shake off a bad day with a wacky, yet deep, story line

Absurd-yet-hilarious comedic scenes like Onggok cursing into a toilet bowl and getting pooped on will have listeners in fits of laughter. However, at the same time, the plots teach us various meaningful life lessons about topics such as friendship, respect toward our parents, and forgiveness of our past mistakes.

2. Level-up your podcast listening experience

This show brings a full-fledged movie production team on board, from the music and casting director to the writer and line producer. Not only that, but the production also uses the most sophisticated audio recording equipment to provide listeners with immersive and clear cinematic audio effects. With this new level of podcast production intricacy, listeners will be able hear even the smallest sound details. Just grab a headset and sit back.

3. Get to know new talents from big names in the entertainment industry

The show will reunite powerhouse cast members such as Tora Sudiro, Cak Lontong, Babe Cabita, and Bintang Emon. And although the names are familiar, fans will get to hear their favorites in a whole new light as they listen to the talent deliver new forms of fantasy comedy through audio drama and characterization.

4. Hear hysterical behind-the-scenes content, from bloopers to interviews with the guest stars

Every week, listeners can also look forward to a bonus episode that will shed light on the fun moments from the recording process. Through behind-the-scenes content and bloopers, listeners can hear unused and humorous takes full of uncontrollable laughter and forgotten lines. Fans can also listen to backstage chitchat with guest stars and get to hear their side of the story.

5. It’s created by none other than PODKESMAS under the PODKESMAS ASIA NETWORK

PODKESMAS itself was nominated as the most popular podcast in Indonesia in the comedy genre in the Spotify Wrapped 2020 awards, and it is a regular on the Spotify weekly top podcast chart in Indonesia. So listeners will for sure be in for a treat—just get ready to be wowed!

Fans of PODKEMAS should make sure to check out the first episode of Balada Onggok Si Anak Durhaka, available for free, exclusively on Spotify.