On the Latest Episode of ‘Spotify: For the Record’ Anchor Podcasters Share How They Bring Their Stories to Life

In 2019, Spotify acquired Anchor, a platform that makes it easy to hit the ground running in the podcast space. Podcasters around the world can access the platform’s creative tools, free content hosting, and distribution. Last year, we saw that 80% of the new shows on Spotify were made with Anchor. For beginners, the platform can help simplify the steps to getting published, while more experienced creators benefit from Anchor’s wide range of unique features, like including music straight from Spotify’s catalogue to make a Music + Talk show.

In the latest episode of our podcast, Spotify: For the Record, we explore how a variety of podcasters got their start using Anchor.

  • We follow along with Cassandra Bankson, a skincare expert and influencer, as she embarks on her journey to create her first podcast. From getting a microphone to learning how to upload episodes to Spotify, we follow along as her audio story comes to life.
  • Gael Aitor and Kayla Suarez, from the popular podcast Teenager Therapy, join us to share why their series is the perfect forum to highlight the struggles that come with being a teenager.
  • Rizky Ardi Nugroho, host of one of the top podcasts in Indonesia, Do You See What I See, shares how Anchor helped him start his show in 2018 (when he knew next to nothing about podcasting), and how he went from being a rice producer to a podcast producer. 

Michael Mignano, the cofounder of Anchor, also joins us to talk about the innovations that creators can expect to see in the near future. From audience poll functionality to an in-app Q&A format, the platform is opening up new forms of engagement for podcasters.

The episode concludes with a series of tips and tricks from each guest for aspiring podcasters. Ready to give it a listen? Check it out here.