‘Stream On,’ Q4 Earnings, and Our Launch in South Korea: Learn More on the ‘Spotify: For the Record’ Podcast

Our latest Spotify: For the Record episode dives into our biggest headlines of the week. Dustee Jenkins, Head of Global Communications, sits down with CEO Daniel Ek and CFO Paul Vogel to discuss yesterday’s fourth-quarter earnings results. The trio touches on the company’s outlook, our end-of-year Wrapped campaign, the continued rise in podcasts, and other Q4 highlights.

Dustee also queries Daniel about Spotify’s recently announced “Stream On” event. You can check out their full conversation in the episode, but in the meantime, find a brief behind-the-scenes preview of what will happen on February 22 below.


Finally, we travel from Stockholm to Seoul to discuss Spotify’s launch this week in the sixth-biggest music market in the world: South Korea. David Park, our Managing Director there, joins us as we talk about the magnitude of this expansion.

Ready to dig in? Check out the episode here.