How to Share Your Favorite Songs with Your Child Through Shared Playlists on the Spotify Kids App

Since we first unveiled the Spotfy Kids app in October 2019 for Spotify Premium Family subscribers, young listeners have been able to explore a playground of sound and begin a lifelong love of music through a standalone app designed just for them. We’ve also been listening to parents during this time and have been committed to providing increased customization within the app. We started by giving parents the ability to block individual songs or audio stories in the app as well as giving them access to their kids’ “Listening History.” Now, we’re making it possible for parents to share the music they love—from the songs they grew up playing to the family’s dance party playlist—and further curate their child’s audio experience with Shared Playlists on Spotify Kids.

Being able to share your love of music with your children may feel as essential as teaching them to ride a bike. Shared Playlists—a highly-requested and pin-protected parental settings feature—lets parents share music playlists they’ve created in their Spotify account directly with their child in Spotify Kids, allowing them to further curate their child’s listening experience.  

We know that parents often have their own views on which content is and is not appropriate for their kids. The Shared Playlists feature gives parents more control, supplementing the growing library of more than 300,000 kid-friendly tracks and 1,300 playlists on Spotify Kids—all handpicked by our experienced team of editors.

Here’s how to share playlists with your little one using the Spotify Kids app:

  1. Create a playlist of your family’s favorite tunes on the Spotify app (or choose one you made in the past). Make sure to review the lyrics, album cover artwork, and any possible explicit tracks (which will be marked with an ‘E’).
  2. If there are individual songs within the playlist you don’t want to share with your kid, remove them from your playlist in the Spotify app. 
  3. Next, head to the parental settings section of the Spotify Kids app and enter your four-digit pin. 
  4. Tap the “Shared Playlists” section in your kids’ profile. Then, you’ll be able to see your Spotify playlists and select the ones you want to share with each child.
  5. The first time you do this, a pop-up screen will appear to confirm that you want to share the playlist. After, the child can access the playlist on their homepage from a new “Shared with You” section.

Note that if you update the playlist in the Spotify app, the playlist in Spotify Kids will be automatically updated too. Plus, you can revisit the PIN-protected parental settings on Spotify Kids at any time to remove a playlist, access your child’s listening history, and block or unblock tracks.


Not sure where to begin? Check out some of the top-shared songs in family playlists on Spotify: 

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