Gen Z Is Taking the Reins to Rebuild Society

Every year, Spotify conducts a study called Culture Next to better get to know the world’s most influential generations. This year, we found that Gen Zs (those between the ages of 15 and 25) are rewriting the playbook older generations left behind and taking the reins to rebuild society.

We, alongside partner research agencies Culture Co-op, b3 Intelligence, and Lucid, talked to respondents at the top of the year and again in late summer, taking into account this year’s global pandemic and social movements. Take a look at what we found:

The music Gen Zs stream on Spotify also reflects a can-do, independent mindset. The top three playlists among Gen Zs globally are Today’s Top Hits, followed by RapCaviar and our Sleep playlist. They’re staying on top of culture (and sometimes reflecting it, thanks to Gen Z talent) as well as taking care of themselves.  

The top five podcasts among Gen Zs globally are Call Her Daddy, TED Talks Daily, From the Wizarding World: Journeys to Hogwarts and Harry Potter At Home: Readings, The Daily, and Indonesia’s Rintik Sedu, which tells personal stories with larger meaning. 

Dive into the full trends report here