Spotify’s New Argentinian Original Podcast ‘Lado BB’ Invites Listeners to Take Part in an Immersive Audio Experience

Podcasts are, in many ways, like music: Both mediums are immersive, feature unique personalities you can get to know through their stories, and connect listeners with the world around them. When the two are combined, even more opportunities and experiences are brought to the surface.

Take the new Spotify Original podcast out of Argentina, Lado BB. In it, Bebe Contepomi, the well-known music journalist and authority in Spanish-speaking language and Argentine music, shares intimate conversations with leading musicians.  

Lado BB is more than a podcast—it’s a gateway to the unknown and most intimate side of great music personalities. In the 10-episode weekly series, Bebe (or “BB”), interviews leading music figures to give listeners an inside scoop into the “BB” side of the music world. Join the host as he travels with artists including Fito Páez, Ricardo Mollo, Andrés Calamaro, Lali, and Gustavo Santaolalla through each person’s deepest stories.

“Audio is a format where, just like in books, you become an active part of the story,” says Javier Piñol, Head of Spotify Studios Latam & US LatinX. “If we listen to an audio talking about a scene, we can imagine it differently. We have identified that there is a demand for this audio power to allow our listeners to be part of the creation of the stories of each episode.”

“When we initially came up with the idea of the project, we wanted to convey something beyond just an interview or conversation with an artist,” continues Javier. “This podcast unlocks the potential for immersive experiences that audio provides.” 

Ready to experience the BB side of music? Lado BB is original and exclusive to Spotify. Tune into the first episode, which debuted September 8, below.