Whether You’re Spending Thanksgiving Near or Far, Spotify Has a Playlist to Help Make the Day Extra Special

Do your Thanksgiving plans include going over the river? Perhaps through the woods? Or maybe to grandma’s house? Or maybe you’re staying home and cooking up a feast for your own guests. Whether you’re spending hours on the road, in the kitchen, or both, you’ll need ample amounts of sure-fire audio entertainment.

Thanks to Spotify’s annual Turkey Timer and all-new Soundtrack Your Ride microsites, you can soak in music and podcast playlists geared specifically for you while traveling to your holiday destination or whipping up a culinary creation.

And just like the food on your dinner table, these playlists have something for everyone. So gather round and check out these custom playlists to help you survive—and thrive—this turkey (or tofurkey) season. 

Get Movin’ with Soundtrack Your Ride 

If you’re one of the millions of people hitting the road for the most-traveled day of the year, make sure you don’t leave the house before taking our interactive Soundtrack Your Ride quiz to generate a custom playlist that fits the mood and duration of your journey. The playlist is made just for you and is customizable based on everything from the car you’re driving to your passengers, top genre, and all-time-favorite driving tunes on desktop and mobile.

And if you’re headed to a cozy cabin in the woods (read: no cell service) or just want to save data, Spotify Premium users can download the playlist before their journeys to listen in offline mode. If you’re not already a Spotify Premium subscriber, check out our annual Spotify Premium holiday offer. From November 18-December 31, new users can get three months free* (so your wallet will thank you, too), and anyone who was previously on Premium but has since dropped can get three months for $9.99 (meaning you pay once and get the next two months on us).** 

There’s also a multitude of ways to connect to Spotify from your car. Not sure how? We’ve got this handy guide to help you get started.

Get Cookin’ with the Turkey Timer

That’s right, the Turkey Timer is back, helping you roast your Thanksgiving dinner to perfection while giving you a playlist to match.

Simply select the weight of your turkey and whether or not it’s stuffed, and we’ll give you a playlist that matches the cooking time so you can go work on the side dishes and desserts. You’ll also be able to select your cooking playlist vibe. Not only do we have six music moods to choose from—from family favorites to top hits, and even a little something to help you get in the Christmas spirit—but this year, we also have a podcast playlist on the menu.

Podcast playlists are a new Spotify feature that allows you to build playlists full of podcasts, or add podcasts to existing music playlists for a mixed-media experience. When it comes to your Turkey Timer playlist, you can choose to fill the room with music or learn something new from a podcast. And if you’re bringing DJ skills (rather than a dish) to follow the meal, you can even make your own playlist with that special blend of podcasts and music to keep the energy up even when the food coma starts to creep in.

Whatever mood you choose, make sure you leave the playlists unshuffled—the last track will remind you that it’s almost time for the turkey to be done and the meal to begin.

 Check out Turkey Timer and Soundtrack Your Ride to get your playlists ready for the big holiday.

* Three Months Free is for new users who have never tried Premium, available across all Premium plans: Individual, Student (where available), Family (where available) and Duo (where available).
** Three Months for $9.99 is only for individual plan users and is not available to users who ended their Premium subscription after October 19, 2019.