6 New Ways to Stream Spotify from Your Smart Devices

These days, you’re likely always with a smart device—whether using your smartwatch on the go or enjoying your smart speaker at home. Now, more and more of these items include integrations with Spotify, so not only are you always with your device, but you also always have access to all of your favorite audio content.

It’s all part of our ubiquity strategy—the idea that you should be able to tune in to Spotify wherever, whenever, using whatever.

The end state here is to ensure that Spotify aligns more deeply with the multiple devices in your life so that you won’t need to find the songs or podcasts to suit the moment—they will find you.

– Sten Garmark, VP of Product

So in the spirit of ubiquity, here are six new ways to stream Spotify from one (or more) of your smart devices.

“Hey Siri, Play Spotify”

Spotify is now integrated into Siri on Apple iOS devices. This eagerly awaited feature will let you control Spotify and play music, podcasts, and playlists using the power of your voice. Now you can listen to Disney Hits or an exclusive podcast like Set It Straight with Midland at work, home, on the commute, while exercising, or doing chores, all by saying the familiar “Hey Siri, play. . . ” to hear the audio you want. Just make sure to update your iPhone to iOS 13 – from there, remember to end each phrase with “on Spotify.” The Siri integration is also available on our new and improved app for iPad.

Spotify, Now on Apple TV 

With our new Spotify app for Apple TV, you can now access Spotify’s 50 million tracks directly from your TV, making Spotify the natural audio destination across your many devices. This long-requested feature follows our other apps on TV platforms including Android TV, Samsung Tizen, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. We’re excited to bring this app to Apple TV and will continue to innovate and enhance the app—there’s plenty more in the works.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

In August 2018, Spotify and Samsung announced that Spotify was Samsung’s go-to audio provider, and the partnership has only blossomed since then. Now Samsung users can enjoy Spotify on Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold, a first-of-its-kind mobile device with a uniquely integrated foldable app experience. 

Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest’s newest smart home device with the Google Assistant, the Google Nest Hub Max, includes a multifunctional display perfect for your digital needs. Whether you’re using it as a kitchen TV, smart home controller, or audio speaker (to play Spotify, obviously), the Nest Hub Max is perfect combination of helpfulness and entertainment.

Sonos Speakers: Sonos Move and Sonos One SL

Sonos recently launched two new speakers: the Sonos Move, a battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening, and the Sonos One SL, a microphone-free speaker for music and more. These along with the entire Sonos system support Spotify Connect, which allows you to use the Spotify app to control what’s playing on your Sonos speakers throughout your home.

Smartwatches: Michael Kors, Diesel, and Armani

The newest Michael Kors Access smartwatches come with Spotify preinstalled, and Diesel and Emporio Armani also recently announced new Wear OS smartwatches with the app preinstalled as well.

Head to Spotify Everywhere for even more smart assistants that integrate with Spotify.