Ken Burns ‘COUNTRY MUSIC’ Enhanced Playlist Experience Comes to Spotify

The influence of country music on America cannot be understated. Understanding the impact of the historic genre is the driving force of renowned filmmaker Ken Burns’s much-anticipated new documentary film, COUNTRY MUSIC. To welcome the film, Spotify and Burns have created the Ken Burns Country Music Enhanced Playlist Experience, available now on Spotify. 

The epic documentary, which plows through decades of country music in an eight part, 16-hour film, was directed by Ken Burns and produced by long-time collaborators Dayton Duncan and Julie Dunfey. The documentary will broadcast live on PBS and be available for streaming on starting September 15. Until then, country music fans can head to Spotify for a musical introduction to the documentary.

First, check out the Ken Burns Country Music Enhanced Playlist Experience, which includes 48 songs from the official Country Music – A Film By Ken Burns (The Soundtrack). The experience also includes outtakes from the film’s interviews with artists such as Jack White, Dolly Parton, and Dwight Yoakam, sharing their favorite country song of all time, with each clip providing a new understanding and appreciation for the simple purity of each hit’s lyrics.  

Additionally, at the start of the experience, enjoy interview footage with Ken Burns himself answering questions about country music history from today’s emerging artists. And as you make your way chronologically through the audio tracks, enjoy a journey through country music history, with videos from Burns providing context for each new time period you come across. 

“Our Country Music film took eight years to make,” says Burns. “It’s an intimate look at the power of music and songwriting and tries to weave together personal stories with a larger American story that touches on race, class, geography, and women’s issues. But it never loses sight of the music. Spotify has helped us rethink how to share this music. The new playlists are the perfect complement to the film and allow for a truly immersive experience. We’re very excited to release them timed to the film’s broadcast.”

In addition to the Country Music Enhanced Playlist Experience, starting on September 10 listeners can head to the Country Music Hub to experience even more of country music’s impact.

Whether your favorite is from the past year or a past decade, tune into the Ken Burns Country Music Enhanced Playlist Experience playlist for a celebration of the historic genre.